Effective use of power
V-Maestro – next generation server and Cloud management software
- cuts energy costs and optimises compute resources. Welcome to tomorrow.
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Unparalleled scalability, productivity enhancing, capacity restoring, platform independent, hypervisor agnostic


A ground breaking totally agnostic, perpetually analytic, fully automatic and intelligently autonomic data centre productivity software technology with a compelling cost-benefit profile.

With unparalleled scalability, CloudFabriQ's V-Maestro software is helping IT organisations reduce facilities costs, diminish carbon footprint, enhance business agility, increase data centre productivity and expand compute capacity. Quite simply, enabling IT organisations to do much more whilst consuming much less.

Amazingly cost effective software

V-Maestro rightsizes physical compute resources across entire virtualised machine environments, on-premise and in-Cloud;
platform heterogeneous and hypervisor agnostic.

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